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Electrical Problems

If you own a vehicle you have experience electrical problems at some point.  If it is one of the following issues: dimming lights, a burnt smell, stereo system or other electronics not working, corrosion on the battery cables/terminal or the engine won't turn over give us a call immediatley and schedule a diagnostic services. 

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Burnt Smell

A buring smell is a common warning sign of an electrical problem. The smell is usually a sign that an electrical component or wire has shorted out. If you smell something buring an/or see smoke stop the car immedately an get out.  Have your vehicle towe to a repair facility immeiatley because this could potentially be a dangerous situation.

Dim Lights

If your experiencing issues with just one light then most likely our bulb nees to be replaced. However, if the issue continues or all of your lights are dimming there is a electrical problem with our vehicle that needs attention immediatley.

Stereo System/Other Electronics Not Working

The stereo system, GPS, cigerate lighter, television, aux port and other small electronics use a lot of power to run.  If one of these small electronics are not working it may be an indication that the wiring or electronical components failed.

Engine Won't Turn Over

This is a common problem and the usualy culpirts are the battery or starter. Have your vehicle towe to a repair shop for diagnosis and repair as this may not always be the case.

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