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Wheel Alignments


Why does my vehicle need an alignment?

That's a great question!  There are several reasons that your vehicle needs an alignment including hitting potholes, bumping curbs, normal wear and tear, driving too fast over speed bumps or even minor accidents can cause your wheels to come out of alignment.  When your wheels are out of alignment it causes uneven wear on your tires, steering problems and a decrease in performance.

Tire Wear

Eventually all tires wear.  However, tires that are misaligned will wear faster because greater pressure is place on the tires and they are not positioned correctly to distribute a vehicles weight appropriately.  This results in you speeding more money to purchase tires more frequently.

Steering Problems

When your steering wheel and your wheels are not aligned you will feel your car pulling to one side.This causes on side of your car to overcompensate for the misalignment of weight causing car parts to wear faster.

Decrease in Performance

Because your vehicle is overcompensating for the uneven distribution of weight your car will not perform at its optimal condition.  Your car is working harder to perform regular functions an you will notice it takes longer to brake, turn corners and your car will consume more gas. 

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